It’s hard to believe that nuclear weapons are the only weapons of mass destruction that don’t have a prohibition treaty – until now that is. In New York this month UN member states begin signing the world’s first treaty banning nuclear weapons.

Australian Red Cross has played a pivotal role in global efforts to raise awareness of the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and we are delighted we finally have a treaty like this – a key step to disarmament.

Meanwhile, here at home we have just launched the Crisis Response Crew, through which we are connecting our amazing donors with the very aid workers whose efforts they are supporting. Financial donors who join the Crisis Response Crew get to hear firsthand from our aid workers on ground in the midst of some of the world’s big humanitarian crises.

Also in this issue of Humanitarian we have inspiring stories from some of the people we work with. Among them is Amel, a former Iraqi refugee and Red Cross volunteer, who beat insurmountable odds to become a lawyer. We also have the story of James Harrison, whose unique blood has helped save thousands of babies born to Rhesus Negative mums.

Thanks for sharing your time with us; we hope some of these stories resonate and show you exactly what we can achieve, and the change we make in people’s lives, when we work together.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Judy Slatyer



Michael Legge AM