Aid worker Jess Letch with Maya after the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Imagine opening your inbox to discover an email from an international aid worker – maybe a nurse in Somalia or a logistics expert in Yemen.

They’re lifting the lid on life on the frontlines of some of the world’s biggest humanitarian crises; explaining what’s actually happening on the ground, the challenges they’re facing and what they’ve been sent to do.

When you join Australian Red Cross’ Crisis Response Crew you’ll support global humanitarian operations and get exclusive access to news and stories. Members of the Crisis Response Crew make a monthly donation for a duration of three months and each week they receive personal updates from aid workers in the field.

Director of International Programs for Australian Red Cross, Peter Walton, says donations from the Crisis Response Crew help support humanitarian operations around the world.

“This includes the deployment of Australian aid workers, their activities in the field, support for frontline response teams and tools and training to strengthen the response to disasters, conflicts and other crises,” says Peter.

For those who join the crew, it is an opportunity to witness history as it unfolds, as Red Cross and Red Crescent teams are often first on the ground when disaster or conflict strikes.

“Our aid workers could be setting up field hospitals, organising emergency shelter, connecting water supplies or negotiating with combatants to allow aid and medical supplies into a conflict zone,” says Judy.

We’re asking people to join the Crisis Response Crew and see the real impact their donations can make.”

At any given time, Australian Red Cross has about 50 aid workers responding to crises around the world.

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