Preparing migrants for Australian disasters

New arrivals to Australia are among those hardest hit when disaster strikes. Red Cross is helping them be better prepared.

After the flood: The things that can’t be destroyed

Emmanuel Vella surveys the mountain of his family’s mud-drenched possessions piled up on his footpath and shrugs.

Hope on the edge of famine

In the dry sand of Somaliland, northern Somalia, 25-year-old Hamda Muhamed Ibrahim looks on nervously as her four-year-old son Aaden is weighed at a Red Cross Red Crescent clinic. He is just over half the weight he should be for his age.

Everyone needs a mate to look out for them

Dylan Lewis is in a good place. He’s a confident young man who runs his own business. Earlier this year he was named Citizen of the Year in Katherine where he lives.

We’ll recover better when we stand together

Cyclone Debbie hit Australians in different ways. It’s shown us the unpredictable mighty power of Mother Nature. It’s also shown the power of people standing together to recover, repair and rebuild.

This nurse’s story will convince you no crisis is too big to make a difference

Khaled Naanaa, who was trapped in the Syrian city of Madaya, used YouTube videos to teach himself to perform surgery on wounded people. He now lives in Australia. This is his story.

A joyous end to a 17-year search

The last time Alinoti Milingita saw his mother he was just 14.

Mum’s message of thanks

Emily Hunter knows all too well the important role donated blood plays in helping both mothers and children survive childbirth.

We must unite to prohibit nuclear weapons

This year in New York, governments are meeting to negotiate a global treaty banning nuclear weapons. This time it’s much more than talk. It is a real opportunity to prohibit nuclear weapons and take an important step towards their elimination.

Raising a baby in a village with no safe water

This is the story of Lucinda, who is keen to volunteer with Red Cross and make life better for other mums in her remote village in Indonesia’s Belu district. The area was hit hard by drought during the recent El Niño.