The inside – a message from the President and CEO

In this final Humanitarian of 2016, we highlight the importance of emergency preparedness, and call upon your support for our annual festive appeal.

I drove home crying all the way

Pauline Gill thought natural disasters only happen to other people, but that all changed when a bushfire hit near her home.

News in brief

Catch up on our latest news, and join us in remembering our fallen humanitarian colleagues.

New beginnings

For this Kiribati village, the installation of new water and sanitation facilities is making a huge difference to community health.

A home away from homelessness

Welcome to the Brisbane Night Café, where Bob and his team offer a place for young people to get back on their feet.

Life and loss in South Sudan

The situation in South Sudan is grim, but humanitarian workers remain committed in their mission to assist communities affected by conflict and disaster. 

Sue’s mission: to find the missing

Tracking down loved ones displaced by disaster and conflict is a difficult task. But according to Sue Callender, a positive outcome can be achieved with the simplest of methods.

Rare pair battle with blood

Angus and Gabrielle suffer a rare blood disorder, but these young superheroes are determined to keep on battling.

Why giving is good for business

Workplace giving is not just good business sense. For James Viles, it’s also a great way to make a difference.

Culture under fire

It’s not just lives that are lost in war. Destruction of cultural property and heritage is another casualty of conflict.