Welcome to Resilience issue 8

Welcome to Resilience: a regular newsletter from the Australian Red Cross Emergency Services team.

A new tool in disaster resilience education

A new practice framework has been developed that will provide emergency management agencies with a strategic, evidence-based approach to the design of quality disaster resilience education programs.

Psychosocial preparedness: helping people get ready for disasters

After surviving a disaster, the next challenge is to recover. Psychosocial preparedness is a way to help people reduce the impacts of an emergency before they happen. Here’s how it works.

Helping Australia’s Deaf community get ready for disasters

A new project involving Australian Red Cross and the Deaf Society of NSW will give Australia’s Deaf community better access to vital disaster preparedness information.

Building disaster resilience for the homeless

A new research project seeking to build disaster resilience in homeless populations has begun—and it needs your help.

Aboriginal communities: dealing with disasters in Darwin

A new report reveals how Aboriginal communities deal with disasters in cyclone-prone Darwin—and how emergency organisations can provide better support in times of crises.

Natural disasters threaten the safety of our communities and the Australian economy

Australia’s future growth is being undermined by natural disasters, says a new report by IAG

Disaster resilience on the road

Canadian Red Cross tells the amazing story of the Fort McMurray wildfires as the Resilience Roadshow travels Australia.

Emergency Preparedness Week 2016

Emergencies can happen at any time but being prepared makes it much easier for people to recover. Join us in helping people get ready for any emergency.