The inside – a message from the President and CEO

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Judy Slatyer to the role of Chief Executive Officer at Australian Red Cross.

News in brief

Did you know Christmas is the hardest time of year to keep a sufficient blood supply?

We want you to join our team!

Why not join in the fun at a Red Cross Shop?

A true team player

At 18 years old, Lindsay Jarrett had everything going for him. His next step was unusual but admirable.

We’re not part of the fight

The red cross and red crescent emblems are more than just shapes – they’re universal symbols of humanitarian assistance and they can save lives.

She thought she would die alone… then the phone rang

Although we don’t often think about it, many of us will be alone when we are older. For Trish, in her late 80s, that isolation nearly cost her life.

In search of home and hope

It’s been a long journey for Maria from her home in war-torn Syria to a tent in Kanjiza, northern Serbia.

Building a better life in Australia

Ever wondered what it’s like to arrive in Australia as a person seeking asylum?

When a village dares to dream

A Red Cross partnership is bringing opportunities to villages in Myanmar that locals never believed possible.

Heat of the moment

What do you do when disaster is nearing your door? We speak with Danny Croucher, a Red Cross staff member and emergency services volunteer.