Inside an Ebola treatment centre

Images of life on the frontlines of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

So you want to be an aid worker?

Aid worker Libby Bowell reflects on her career path and what it takes to work for Red Cross overseas.

International volunteering: shifting the focus to communities and their needs

Five principles that should change the way international volunteer programs are designed.

Why it takes six months to turn on a tap

How do you get clean, fresh water to a place with no roads and no electricity?

Resourcefulness brings new beginnings

Starting with the basics – infection control and staff confidence – Serei Saophoanis Hospital in Cambodia is making great gains towards improving maternal and child health.

News in brief

We remember our fallen colleagues; and advocate for volunteering within Australia’s aid program.

The two of us: Cambodia

Ung Pola runs a child rights organisation in Cambodia. Loretta Bellato volunteered to help him chart its future. Here’s how it worked out.

Why I volunteer

Meet Liane Arno: international volunteer, ex-corporate human resources manager and pourer of fine, cold beer.

What we’ve learnt from Haiyan to Hagupit

Did being prepared save thousands of lives when Typhoon Hagupit hit the Philippines?

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Cricket has proven a surprising way to share culture between First Australians and Kenyans.