The inside

August 2014 message from the President and CEO.

News in brief

Featuring new executive appointments in international humanitarian law, our Centenary merchandise range, a special offer to create your Will for $75, and information on this year’s Red Cross Oration.

The value of volunteering

More than one in three Australians volunteer, and the plus effect they create in their communities is greater than you may expect.

Joy in giving

By any measure, Red Cross volunteer Toni Russell had a full life when she was juggling nursing and sales work along with family life. But since she retired five years ago, she’s never been busier.

To help yourself, you help others

When John Rimmington crawled out from underneath his flood-damaged home, he was upset, angry and dirty. He had just finished surveying the damage when he heard a car approaching.

Advocate for her people

Like many 17-year-olds, Lajia Brown-Tamwoy wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she finished school. She was working at a fast food chain when a traineeship became available at Red Cross in Adelaide.

A real lifesaver

When Theo Bekkers made his first blood donation in 1964, blood was stored in little glass bottles. Whole blood was the only type of donation, with a shelf life of just 15 days, and most donated blood was used by surgical patients.

A great Australian story

Professor Melanie Oppenheimer has studied the history of Red Cross for the past 25 years, a career which she traces back to an old pair of overalls discovered in her family’s attic.

After the rain

In early April, Michael and Stella Okar watched from a hill as floodwaters ripped their home from its foundations and smashed it to pieces. Now they face the months of cleaning up ahead.

Remote-controlled war

From virtual training tools to linking soldiers with machines, Red Cross is exploring the challenges and opportunities that new technologies raise for international humanitarian law (IHL). (Bonus: competition alert!)