News In brief

In our 100th year of humanitarian service, World Red Cross Day on 8 May is an opportunity to celebrate our great Australian story of people helping people. World Red Cross Day is held around the world to commemorate the birthday of Red Cross Red Crescent founder Henri Dunant.

The inside

On 13 August 1914, Lady Munro Ferguson, the wife of the then Governor General, began the Australian Branch of the British Red Cross Society, nine days after the outbreak of World War I. Here we are, one hundred years later, and what a journey it has been! From those early years assisting the war-wounded, progressing […]

Finding a men’s place

In the middle of the Northern Territory sits Tennant Creek – a town of great diversity – with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents from 11 language groups making up nearly half of the population of 3,500.

Care when it counts

The home where Vince and Margaret Sibbald brought up six children and watched 14 grandchildren take their first steps was destroyed in minutes when bushfires spread through the Blue Mountains in NSW.

Someone to turn to

More than a year after the devastating fires swept across southeast Tasmania, Red Cross volunteers continue to support the affected communities in the long road to recovery.

Finding Hope

In January 1999, Samuel kissed his two children goodbye and went to work in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He would not speak to his children again for the next 13 years.

Partners in health

Mel pulls out boxes of cereal from the cupboards to set up the Breakfast Club at Coober Pedy Area School in outback South Australia. Her eight- year-old daughter Bethany eagerly helps, for soon a bus load of hungry children will arrive to devour their favourite breakfast foods.

Fields of plenty

Villagers and volunteers in Kenya have transformed acres of arid scrubland into a farm that feeds an entire community.

Leading the way to health

Some of Afghanistan’s leading female doctors are paving the way to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people across the country.

Women and war

From World War II to Vietnam and Afghanistan, women have served on the front line with Red Cross. Three generations of Red Cross women share a common story.